Monday, October 17, 2005

Gregory Drive at Genomic Construction Site

These photos were taken in September 2004 on Gregory Drive where bike and pedestrian paths cross next to the Genomic Institute construction site.

It can be seen that visibilty is poor for pedestrians and cyclists coming from the right (north), and poor for traffic heading west on Gregory. In the second photo, it can be seen that the cyclist's front wheel will be in the street before she will have an unobstructed view of traffic on Gregory approaching from her left.

After almost getting hit here by a bus on my bike, I complained that something should be done to make this spot safer. Stop signs were then installed to stop traffic on Gregory to protect the bike and pedestrian path.

It is hard to understand how the construction site was permitted to extend to the street edge with no consideration for the pedestrians and cyclists it obstructed. What unit on campus in charge of the placement of construction sites?


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