Monday, October 17, 2005

Delapidated Bike Racks

Just about all of the bike racks on campus that are near older buildings are quite delapidated.

The first photo shows the rack on the south side of the Education Building with a large number of loops missing.

The second photo shows the bike rack next to the Psychology building where most of the loops are gone.

The third photo shows two motorcycles on the north side of the Education building blocking a about 12 parking spaces for bicycles (they just happened to be parked in front of a section of the rack that still has loops).

With all the construction that has been done over the last several years on campus to accomodate cars (including two or three new parking decks), one must wonder why all these delapidated bike racks haven't be replaced with modern, high loops (like near the Beckman Institute) that allow easier locking of front and back wheels to the rack (I would guess the total cost would probably be less than that of a dozen or so parking spaces in a parking deck).


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