Monday, October 17, 2005

Obstructing Traffic Signage at Sixth and Gregory

One of the most important factors in traffic safety is visiblity. Yet there are places on campus where vehicular traffic, cyclists and pedestrians have obstructed views of each other.

First, we see the view from the northeast corner of Gregory Drive and Sixth Street, with the photo taken at eye level looking west from where a pedestrian would likely stand waiting for the light to change (athough, in fact, students usually do not wait for the light the change, but cross whenever they believe the "coast is clear"). In this photo, the coast does seem clear (at least no traffic can be seen approaching from the left).

But the second photo shows the car that was behind the traffic signs in the first photo. Oops! The coast was not clear after all (this could hurt!).

The third photos shows that buses are actually big enough to be seen around the signs, if one takes the time to look carefully enough.

This intersection looks like an accident waiting to happen.


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