Monday, October 17, 2005

Dangerous Bike Paths

The bike path system on the UIUC campus certainly leaves a lot to be desired. It is narrow, poorly designed, poorly maintained and often disrespected by: (a) car drivers (pulling out of parking lots), (b) bus drivers (heading north on Wright and turning right on Green), (c) pedestrians (many of whom seem to prefer walking on it rather than the adjoining sidewalk), (d) Facility and Service workers and delivery truck drivers (who use it as a parking strip), and even by (e) cyclists (who often obstruct the path with parked bicycles, as on the southeast corner of Sixth and Gregory).

Here are some photos that bear witness to some of these problems. Having that emergency telephone right up against the bike path is real handy so you can call for an ambulance after riding your bike into it trying to avoid the cyclist coming the other way who is in the center of the lane avoiding the trash container on the other side--the trash container was originally covering part of the actual bike path and I had to use all my strength to push it off the path (I should have taken the photo first).


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